DIY Ideas for Pallet Chest / Storage Boxes


Don’t you tell me that such chest or storage boxes remind you the films like harry potter as they seem to be belonging to some magical world. Pardon, that was just a comment on a lighter note. These chests or storage boxes are a part of our traditions. These are being used since centuries. Here in this article we would be talking about several DIY ideas for pallet chest / storage boxes. All of them would be different in size and shape and they are going to be recycled with the wooden pallets.

pallet toy chest

This one is typically shaped wooden pallet chest storage box. Its size is reasonably good, it carries the same rustic color and its front metallic handles are enhancing its beauty to a great extent. This is made using the wooden pallet planks. And is good to store a plenty of accessories that you find no place for.
Pallet Chest for Garden Storage

Wow, look at this wooden beauty. This seems like a pallet wooden chest cum storage box cum table. My goodness. What else would you expect from a mere pallet creation? A pallet wood chest or storage box just can not be better than this one. Its delicate and its huge.
Pallet Chest Cum Coffee Table

Have a look on this beauty, this seems to be like a perfect wooden cabinet. But this actually is meant to preserve your valuables as it is designed following the pattern of a pallet chest or storage box. Its giant drawers are just more than enough to carry most of your stuff.
Pallet Wood Chest of Drawers

Again we come across a beautiful pallet wood storage box. Its rough texture allows you to put in any sort of hard or rough accessories whether it be your wood work tools or some other accessories that you can not afford to put inside the room furniture.
wood pallet storage chest

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This is again a pallet wood chest mimicking a pallet wooden coffee table. It is the beauty of this article that it is a multi purposed one. You can use it as a storage box or also as a centre or coffee table right inside your room.
Storage Table from Reclaimed Pallet

The next one is a cool demonstration of art and skill. This pallet chest is not roughly made. All possible care has been taken while making this one. And finally it is painted in a very eye soothing shade which is quite pleasing to your eyes.
Storage Chest Made from Wooden Pallets

This pair of pallet chest or storage box is again recycled with the wooden pallets. The structure shows that some very fine pallets are used in making this pallet chest. And they are just left unstained, they are huge in size and have huge capacity to cater a lot of your storage needs.
Pallet Chest

Wow, this one is really inspiring one. I mean how on earth can you just resist this pallet wooden beauty. Its vintage, its huge in size, it has got all the flavors of style. In simple words just a bold statement of your style. I would love to have this one at my place.
Pallet Storage Bench

Here again we come across a very smartly designed couple of storage chest or storage boxes. They are designed in such a way that they could be used as a bench cum storage box at the same time. They are perfect for congested spaces.
Pallet Wooden Couch with Storage

The final one is a raw pallet wooden chest. This is for sure made using some raw and deteriorated pallets, but it still maintains its image. It rustic color and broken timber really adds to its roughness and wilder look. This one is for real art fanatics who do not go for optics but for pure art.
Reclaimed Pallet Chest

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