Glass Top Pallet Coffee Table


And here comes my most favorite wooden pallet recycling project. If you ever ask me about my favorite wooden pallet creation, I would outright say it to be wood pallet upcycled coffee table. This is the need of every house, infact any place whether it is an office or a restaurant, wooden pallet coffee tables are just needed everywhere. With all this love and inclination that I have towards the wood pallet coffee tables, I have brought you guys some countless pallet wood coffee table recycling projects. And in the continuation, here I bring one more of them.

glass top pallet table

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First I think it is important to discuss a bit that why a wooden pallet coffee table is needed and in how many ways and what places it can be used. Well, no matter which part of the house you are sitting in, this is a couch or a chair, you always need one coffee table by your side.
pallet coffee table

This thing has really elaborated the need of a coffee table in a very fine manner. Now we are heading towards a glass top pallet coffee table. Why exactly we thought and bothered to add a glass top on the coffee table exactly while we could have made the top too using the wood pallets?
recycled pallet table

Well, the addition of the glass layer on the top was needed to bring about some change in the conventional wooden pallet coffee tables. So we bought a thick and non transparent glass sheet from the market with some beautiful patterns drawn on it. While the entire base was made with the wood pallet. The pattern used here is a bit tricky, a smooth layer followed by an extended layer all along. All four sides are covered with this pattern. And this made an ideal wood pallet coffee table to be used indoor and outdoor as well.
wooden pallet coffee table

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