Pallet Coffee Table Furniture Projects


How many of you are wood pallet crafters? Raise your hands, well, you can put your hands down now as I can’t see them really… pardon me for being a bit mean. Well, all I wanted to say is that this is really high time to come out of rhetoric and do something pretty substantial. And I think this wooden pallet coffee table range could be one of the best starters. And trust me we are bringing you one of the best ideas for wood pallet coffee tables, and you would simply love their presence inside your houses.

Ideas for Pallet Coffee Table

A wood pallet coffee table couldn’t get better than this one, nor simpler than this. Despite of the simplest design this possesses sheer sophistication and delicacy. It has got different tiers, or portions inside. That is pretty ample space for some additional storage where you can put inside a number of accessories which is a great complimentary feature.
Multi Story Pallet Coffee Table

Having an industrial wooden pallet coffee table inside your house could be something exclusive. If you are not an art fanatic, this could be something difficult for you to digest, but despite of all contradictions this is a perfect wooden pallet addition in your room interior.
Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

If you are a genuine wood pallet crafter, this would be your quality to make the best use of some broken and deteriorated wood shipping pallets. As we can see in this project, this is a rough wood pallet coffee table recycled with most deteriorated pallet planks.
Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

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Wow, here I can easily say that skill at its peak. This is a portable wooden pallet table, it has got actually two doors on the front, which can be removed or opened and this wood pallet coffee table can also be used as a wooden chest or storage box.
Pallet Coffee Table

A glass top is something that makes the furniture item look more decent and sophisticated. This addition is related to the delicacy, that’s why we have added this glass top to the wooden pallet coffee table and we painted it in some unconventional color just to add more charm.
Pallet Wood Recycled Coffee Table

And here comes the simplest of all wooden pallet coffee tables that we have presented so far in this coffee table oriented article. We have turned simply one whole shipping pallet into a decent coffee table, we just installed four metallic wheels on the base and it became a perfect wooden furniture item.
Patio Pallet Coffee Table

Additional storage space or a storage hack is always something great to have in urban life. So we just added this great complimentary feature in this beautiful wooden pallet coffee table. The design is pretty superb, and made with some fresh wooden pallets.
Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

Sometimes you just feel like sick of some modern furniture items, and want to bring inside some rough and rustic furniture just to demonstrate your taste and inclination towards art. And this is one of the best example of such unusual and unconventional wooden pallet art crafts. This is a simple and straight wooden coffee table again made using the shipping pallets.
Recycled Pallet Coffee Table Repurposed Pallet Coffee Table Rustic Pallet Coffee Table Upcycled Pallet Coffee Table Wood Pallet Coffee Table Wooden Recycled Pallet Coffee Table

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