Wooden Pallet 3 Compartment Hamper


From last couple of decades the world is facing massive demographic changes, this means that all the resources are meant to become scarce ultimately. So the storage issue has always been alarming for the masses. That’s why we keep bringing different ideas as storage hacks that also look good while lying in your indoors. Today we have come up with a 3 wooden pallet compartment hamper. Such hampers are normally used while picnic for carrying food and some cutlery items. But this is meant to be used domestically as this is going to be pretty big in size.

recycled wooden pallet hamper

We are showing you each compartment here individually just to give you guys an idea of how big and spacious each one of the compartment is. I think this is a huge sigh of relief that a lot of your accessories are going to be safe and preserved in these gigantic cabins.
pallet made hamper hamper made with wood pallets

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Have a relatively distant look on all three compartments. Each one of them is offering same capacity so that means that you can divide several accessories in three different parts and each one could be used for them separately. This compartment hamper is also covered with a removable door connected with metallic hinges just like a revolving door.
wooden pallet hamper

Another thing that must be counted on is the quality of the wood pallet that we have used here. The shipping pallets and the planks seem quite aged and scarred with the passage of time. This has given it a strange unique look.
recycled pallet hamper

We have also cared to equip it with some fine embellishments right on the front so that it simply looks cool no matter where you place it. This reminds me of the three door deep freezer pattern that we have borrowed here. This is a perfect storage hack for being used in daily affairs.
recycled wooden pallet hamper

Created & Shared by: David-Wanda Wicker‎

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