Pallet Patio Bench with Storage


A bench is a wooden furniture item that is especially associated with the outdoor spaces. I have read about these wooden benches in novels, fiction and poetry as well. So this is something that is purely dedicated to the outdoor spaces. So this reflects the sheer importance of an outdoor wooden bench. Today we are going to make a wooden pallet patio bench with some additional storage space. And you know what, this storage space has always been a charm for the people living in smaller spaces. So I think this pallet patio bench with storage would be an ideal pallet wood creation for now.

pallet bench chest

A bench is mainly entitled to a reasonably planned and set sitting space. Made with the wood, this wooden bench can have numerous shapes and sizes. So this is the very first aspect of the said wood pallet bench having single cushion.
pallet bench with storage

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Secondly we were meant to provide it with some additional storage space, so we did it very efficiently. The bench has got a removable door that can be opened and closed very easily. And the space inside is pretty enough for some larger amounts of accessories that we have to place inside.
recycled pallet bench

Having a look on the back of the wood pallet patio bench, we have used straight two wood pallet planks just to work as a decent back, this would just be a basic support for the person sitting on it. So we haven’t emphasized much on making the back of the wood pallet patio bench.
upcycled pallet bench

And finally a side view of the wooden pallet upcycled bench shows that we have used some fresh shipping pallets in recycling this wooden patio bench. From a distant view it looks like a perfect wood pallet patio bench. But the best thing about it is the storage space that we have created inside the patio pallet bench.
wooden pallet bench cum storage cabinet

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