Custom Pallet Made Mailbox


A mail box or a letter box is a common box that is usually seen and installed on the end of the drive way. This is a symbol of correspondence between the people. The concept of the mailbox dates centuries back when people used to write letters to their loved one. And the letter was posted in the mail box, the post man used to collect them and send them to the said destination. So in a way this is also a symbol of emotions, as emotions are delivered through this. Just to revive this beautiful custom we have made this beautiful wood pallet mailbox.

Pallet Made Mailbox

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As this was meant to be a customized pallet wood mailbox that we are intending to install inside our premises, so we decided to make it a bit different from the conventional shape. We planned to make it in a hut shape.
Pallet Recycled Mailbox

So as planned we gave this wooden pallet repurposed mailbox a shape of the hut. To add more to the beauty of this installation we painted the curved portion in a charming color. While the rest of the structure is left rustic. This has escalated the beauty of the wood pallet mailbox.
Wooden Pallet Mailbox

To make it quite practical we have left slim space on a side of the wooden mailbox where the letters can be posted. And one side is kept locked with a wooden door so that the mails could be collected after opening the door. Looking at the pattern we can easily figure out that the whole project wasn’t that hard to recycle as some straight shipping wood pallet planks are used in the whole structure. Plus a wooden deck is also made on the bottom to keep it up from the ground. Not only this would be a mere mailbox, but would also make a best garden décor idea as well.
Wood Pallet Made Mailbox

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