Pallet Mosaic Table Ideas


Well, as far as I know this great mosaic art dates back to the Roman era probably. This is basically the art of making certain images or patterns with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone or some other materials rarely. Westerners still might not be that much familiar with this art so just to make you guys familiar with this great art technique, we are presenting some of the greatest pallet wood mosaic table ideas. Pallet is what we would be using as the basic timber or material, and the mosaic art would be our supportive decoration of the wood pallet recycled tables. Hope you like them.

Pallet Cable Reel Mosaic Table

As we discussed in detail the mosaic art, we can use some other materials too for making these images or patterns. Or simply we can equate different artistic patterns drawn on table top with the mosaic art may be. Just like this wood pallet recycled simple table with an artistic top.
Pallet Mosaic Coffee Table

While creating the mosaic art on this pallet wood repurposed table, for the assemblage purpose we used multi colored wood pallet planks which have created a great pattern on the top of the table. From a distant look it seems like some finest work of mosaic art.
Pallet Mosaic Pattern Table

This is again a wood pallet recycled coffee table. As we are pursuing the mosaic art in this specific article, so just to give an artistic touch we drew an image on the table top using the finest paint and we ended up with this elegant multi colored circular image.
Pallet Mosaic Table on Wheels

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Now this is something equipped with pure and typical mosaic art. Apparently this is a simple wooden pallet recycled table with robust legs, but on the top we have drawn the images using colored stones according to a pre defined pattern. Could be a bit difficult for the beginners but this is worth all the efforts and fatigues.
Pallet Mosaic Table

As we are not bound by any hard and fast rules, this wood pallet recycling is purely our own world and we are its manipulators, so instead of using typical glass or stone pieces, we did this by using some colorful herbs and shrubs in the wood pallet table with built in planter.
Pallet Succulent Table

As we said in the beginning that the mosaic art is basically about drawing images, so we did here. Though we didn’t pursue the art in the typical manner here, we drew the image of queen’s card using some strokes of fine paint.
Recycled Pallet Mosaic Table

This is a classic wood pallet made table with a lot of storage space. This time we pursued the mosaic art in its typical and pure shape, we used pre shaped stones in drawing a certain image or more properly saying a pattern. This is undoubtedly amazing.
Repurposed Pallet Mosaic Table

To go for the mosaic art, you are not necessarily bound to use only glass or stones for assemblage, but you can also go for such crazy materials looking on your budget, skills, and availability. These mosaic inspired wood pallet recycled tables would be a sheer step towards pure art crafts.
Upcycled Pallet Mosaic Table Wood Pallet Mosaic Table

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