Pallet Table Cum Storage Chest


This is the age of gadgets where a mobile phone is being used as a communication tool, a watch, a calculator, and a computer as well. So this shows that we have become pretty used to having such multi purposed things which can give us benefit in multiple ways. So idea stuck us a plan of making a pallet table cum storage chest. Storage space is another major issue we face now days. So this pallet table which would also be a storage chest is going to cater a lot of our daily needs of storage and table related issues.

Pallet Table Cum Storage Box

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We have upcycled a plenty of coffee and casual tables with the pallet wood. But this is pretty different from others. This is not mere a table, but it would also provide us with plenty of space where we can store a big amount of daily use accessories and even our valuables too. This pallet table would be designed in such a sophisticated manner that it would play perfect in both of its uses. When the upper railed door is opened, it is a storage chest, and when the door is closed back, it would become a coffee table.
Pallet Wood Storage Box

Lets have a detailed view of this pallet recycled table and a storage chest. The most important feature is its design and shape. At the same time it fulfills all the requirements of a table, and a storage chest as well. Its size, height and texture, every feature is quite in accordance. Look at its upper surface, two parallel pallet wooden sheets are joined in such a manner that they can be opened and closed back easily making it a perfect pallet table that also turns to be a storage chest in hour of need. A great art craft infact.
Pallet Table Storage Box Pallet Storage Box

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