Pallet Patio Coffee Table with Bench


The guys who are some regular surfers of this splendid platform would be aware of the fact that I am just in love with the pallet wood upcycled coffee tables. I have a strange orientation towards the coffee tables no matter what color shape and size they are. Even I don’t really know the reason but this is actually so. That is why sometimes I just bring you some coffee table projects simply out of turn and out of the way. Here again I am going to introduce a pallet patio coffee table along with a wooden bench too.

recycled pallet coffee table

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We have had a glimpse of the pallet wood coffee table in the earlier pictures. If we specifically talk about the wooden pallet bench that is always associated with the outdoor spaces like garden and patio as well. A good wooden bench always makes an ideal sitting arrangement inside the garden. And this is not an mere ordinary garden wood pallet bench, we have used some of the finest shipping pallets here, plus the cushions used on the top are some ultra modern that are studded with stylish buttons in a sequence making an alluring pattern.
recycled pallet bench

Having an overall look on the entire sitting range that includes the wood pallet coffee table along with a decent wood pallet bench. This is really praise worthy set up. Out of the least possible resources, this prime sitting arrangement is managed to be recycled. Do you see the wooden extensions right below the top of the wood pallet coffee table? Well, they are also a design hack, and a support as well. There is built in space below the top and the wheels in the end are ofcourse a very useful technique that we frequently use is again for your ease.
patio palllet coffee table with bench

Created & Shared by: Esprit Loft Recup

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