Reclaimed Pallet TV Stand and Table


Well, being honest, so far we had mostly conventional and typical projects done here. But today we present something exceptionally great. The one that would suit your mind, your choice and your style. If you do not like only pallet recycled furniture items, we are going to give you some inspirations where you can use some iron work along with some glass work in recycling pallet wood to make it more attractive. So let’s work on a reclaimed pallet TV stand and table. Though it would be recycled basically with the pallet wood but we are also going to use some additional features and material in upcycling this TV stand and table.

Reclaimed Pallet Table

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Some people are so much in love with the wood items, they just like it entirely in wood and nothing else. They like every color and appearance of the wood. But some others like it to be mixed with some other basic materials to make them more charming and colorful. So just keeping in view such fanatics, we are going to upcycled a strange and different pallet TV stand and table. This would be a perfect combination for an industrial set up or arrangement of any house or even some office.
Reclaimed Pallet TV Stand and Table

Now we would have a glimpse over the reclaimed pallet TV stand and table individually. The pallet table having multi layers is basically structured with an iron frame. Then some of the finest wooden planks are fixed on the table base. There is also a slim piece of glass installed right in the middle making a great sequence from both sides. While on other hand TV stand is again structure with basic iron frame and filled with pallet planks. It has spacious drawers and ample space right below the upper table.
Reclaimed Pallet TV Stand Wooden Pallet TV Stand and Table

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